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To smo mi   Kontrastika is a Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU) based design studio run by a multiple award-winning graphic and spatial designer and photographer, Mojca Janželj Tomažič, and Matjaž Tomažič, graphic designer, illustrator and information architect with years of experience in the most prominent Slovene advertising, design and web agencies. Our knowledge and experience equip us to take on even the most demanding challenges you can bring to us.

We are curious

It is our belief that a close relationship with you, our client, can bring us all success. That is why we love talking with you. Yes, we are curious. We wish to work for your organisation, just as if it was ours. We want to know it “from the inside”, together with its people, services, products and gossip.

We are innovative

Since your organization is also ours, we like suggesting new ways and solutions. We try to "sniff out” the challenges you might face beforehand, and suggest our joint solutions for them in time.

We are responsible

We take our work seriously! Even though it might sometimes not seem so. And – best you learn of this now – sometimes we take it very, very personally.

You are our client.

Yes, you. Because we believe that you are as innovative and creative in your work, as we are in ours. Because we believe that you believe in the power of curiosity at least as much as we. And because we believe that you wish to distinguish yourself from the competition and infuse a sense of freshness in your environment, a sense the others have not yet tasted.

Oh, and your payments are never late, are they?

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