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Matjaž is a graphic designer and illustrator, who also learned information architecture during his studies and work experience.

His work adheres to the perfect relation between artistic quality, efficiency, the client’s requirements and user-friendliness.


In autumn 2007 Matjaž founds Kontrastika alongside Mojca. Before he gains valuable experience at the Vizuarna design agency, the Studio Marketing JWT advertising agency, and the Innovatif/Futura Group interactive communications agency. During this time he works on some larger projects, such as the corporate identity for the NLB Group, and the group’s annual report, corporate identity of the Studio Marketing JWT agency and its website, the websites of Ljubljanske mlekarne, the official Ljubljana city website, websites of advertising festivals Magdalena and Golden Drum, as Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana. For a third season he has been designing the print materials for the Public theatre of Celje.


Graduates at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design under the tutorship of professors Peter Skalar and Stane Bernik, PhD. His thesis on design of signage systems receives the award of the Academy for outstanding artistic achievements. He receives additional education at the elite ESAG Penninghen school of design in Paris, France.


During the course of his studies and later he often attends various professional meetings and workshops, such as TipoBrda in Goriška Brda, Kaverljag in Šmarje nad Koprom, WWF in Legnica, Poland, and the Maribor workshops, facilitated by the famous American designer David Carson, and the London-based illustrator David Foldvari.


During this time Matjaž receives numerous awards: the silver Netko award for the Agencija Poti website, the silver Netko award for the presentation of the Slovene capital and the Golden MM award, the Silver award at the 14th Slovene Advertising Festival SOF, and the shortlist at the 2nd Biennale of Visual Communication Slovenia for the New Year's business present Curtains for Windows 1.0 Professional. The Mihurko law firm logo also makes the shortlist at the 3rd Slovene Biennale of Visual Communication.

Kljukca Matjaž Tomažič
Graphic designer, illustrator and information architect
Kljukca Mojca Janželj Tomažič
Graphic, textile, interior designer and photographer
Kljukca Tomaž Jamnik
Assistant graphic designer

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