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Mojca is an interdisciplinary visual artist. She has the distinct ability to transverse between different mediums.

Her work often anticipates trends that appear in visual culture only months or even years later. She places great emphasis on artistically experimental work, which usually leads to new, fresh and never-before-seen solutions.


In autumn 2007 Mojca founds Kontrastika alongside Matjaž. Before that she creates at the Vizuarna design agency and the design and architecture agency BeBe Studio. She is responsible for managing design-intensive projects; the most important of them being the visual identity for the Bof chain of consumer electronics stores, interior graphic design of the Nama department store and club Triglav restaurant, print publications for Lunin festival in Tivoli and many others.

Independent work in textile design and photography brings her to numerous independent and group exhibitions from Ljubljana to Celje, Koper, and even to Louvre in Paris, Contemporary Museum in Baltimore and La Recoletta Gallery in Buenos Aires.


Mojca graduates in 1999 at the Department for textile and clothing design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. She receives additional education at the renowned design university Designskolen Kolding in Denmark.


During the course of her studies and later she attends many workshops and professional meetings, most notably TetraPak’s “Dressed for Success" workshop in Lunden, Sweden, the TipoBrda typography workshop and Emzin’s graphic design seminars.


Mojca receives numerous awards for her work, among other things the golden medal at the 19th Biennale of industrial design for the Bof visual identity, an award of excellence at the 2nd Slovene Biennale of Visual Communication for the BeBe macro pocket calendar, and the prestigious Emzin Photography of the year in 2002. The interior design of the editorial board of the Croatian newspaper 24 sata (24 Hours) brings her and the rest of the BeBe studio design team the nomination for the Interior of the year 2005.

Kljukca Matjaž Tomažič
Graphic designer, illustrator and information architect
Kljukca Mojca Janželj Tomažič
Graphic, textile, interior designer and photographer
Kljukca Tomaž Jamnik
Assistant graphic designer

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