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Interaction design

website design and web communication

  We do not believe there is a difference between graphic and web designers. Visual language, communicated by your website, will therefore not differ from the language communicated by your brand and publications. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t know enough about the internet! We have gained rich experiences in the most prominent web agencies (we cooperate with some of them on a regular basis), so we can ensure an adequate user-friendly information architecture design, interactivities, market-oriented features, and together with our reliable partners, we also arrange website implementation in accordance with the latest standards.

Squareknot, Crowdfunding Platform Squareknot, Crowdfunding Platform
C: Squareknot
Ambiente Eficiente Website Ambiente Eficiente Website
C: Ambiente Eficiente
Sigledal - the Slovenian theater portal Sigledal - the Slovenian theater portal
C: Novi zato
Moje delo Employment Portal Moje delo Employment Portal
C: Moje delo
Melba website Melba website
C: Melba
Dreamstream website Dreamstream website
C: Immedia
Out of Limitz Online Store Out of Limitz Online Store
C: Out of Limitz
Midori website Midori website
C: Midori
Imos Real Estate Portal Imos Real Estate Portal
C: Memo Institut
Budič Spirits Product Website Budič Spirits Product Website
C: Budič Spirits
Zabec Website Zabec Website
Denssana Dentists Website Denssana Dentists Website
C: Denssana
Big Bang e-Store Big Bang e-Store
C: Big Bang, d.o.o.
Healthcare Center Kamnik Website Healthcare Center Kamnik Website
C: Kamnik Healthcare Center
Veršič - Perčič Law Office Website Veršič - Perčič Law Office Website
C: Veršič & Perčič Law Office

user interface design

  Do you understand how the software that drives your computer or mobile works? What about hardware? Don't worry. Neither do we. And that is our advantage in user interface design. Ordinary users (who also happen to be designers and information architects) design user interfaces for other ordinary users. Because we understand as much as they do.

Pan-optikon web based application Pan-optikon web based application
C: Episcenter
Zabec CMS Zabec CMS
Doorson Door Control Panel
Doorson Door Control Panel Doorson Door Control Panel
C: Doorson

games and multimedia

  Your web presentations, CD or DVD based presentations, etc. will undoubtedly attract more users, if you make them more attractive by adding multimedia content, such as web games, animations or videos. The future of interactive communication is not in the endless scrolling of dull texts, set up in system font, is it?

The Simobil Interactive Greeting Card The Simobil Interactive Greeting Card
C: Kaaita / Si.mobil

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