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Kljukca Squareknot, a new british crowdfunding platform designed by us
Squareknot is an innovative concept, combining equity, loans, and rewards. It is the first company of its kind in Scotland and targets already existing companies, as well as start-ups, throughout the UK.
Kljukca Kontrastika is now 5 years old
We are celebrating our fifth birthday. Thank you, everybody. We would never have made it this far without you.
Kljukca Pomagajmo - Our Contribution to Charity
Kontrastika collaborated in the creation of the online service, where charity organizations can collect contributions for their campaigns.
Kljukca Kontrastika sponsoring the Tušmobil TransAtlantik 2012 expedition
This winter four heroes decided to row across the Atlantic. At Kontrastika we helped them by designing their website as sponsorship.
Kljukca Mojca and Matjaž at the sixth Pecha Kucha Night in Maribor
At the sixth Pecha Kucha Night in Maribor Mojca and Matjaž will be presenting Kontrastika and its projects. Naturally, they will do so in 20 images.
Kljukca We received two Awards of Excellence at this year's Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication
The Ana Pravca and Pipanka logos on exhibition at the National Gallery of Slovenia and published in the exhibition catalogue.
Kljukca Copa Copa now Available at Vespoe, New York
CopaCopa slippers are now available also at Vespoe of New York City.
Kljukca Si.mobil Presents You are Energy Campaign At the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF and the IBM Forum
All right. But what does this have to do with you guys from Kontrastika?
Kljukca CopaCopa at the International Biennale of Industrial Design
Kontrastika is participating in the BIO 22 exhibition with the CopaCopa slippers that we designed for Kaaita.
Kljukca The Lettercubes Playground Equipment - Our Contribution to the World Book Capital
In cooperation with the ProstoRož society we designed a type of playground equipment for the Fabula short story festival, and it has already caught on among the children.
Kljukca The Kontrastika Blogs
There is something new on our website. We just added blogs. Well, for now just one. The first. Mojca’s visual blog.
Kljukca Kontrastika Short-listed for the Slovenian Design Competition of the Decade
Our pitch for the corporate identity of the civil service of the Republic of Slovenia landed us among the top three. No, unfortunately, we did not win.
Kljukca Award of Excellence for Mojca at This Years Slovenian Biennale of Visual Communication
The pocket calendar issued by the Museum of Architecture of Ljubljana is on display in the exhibition in the National Gallery in Ljubljana and in the Biennale catalogue.
Kljukca Creative Cities on-line
We designed the Creative Cities international web portal for the British Council. It will aid in connecting creative individuals who improve the quality of living in cities.
Kljukca Mojca attended a forum discussion titled Creativity and Innovation in Trieste, Italy
For Global Women's Day the Trieste Region organized a series of forum discussions in the Spring of Women event. One of them focused on design.
Kljukca The Ljubljana children's playgrounds project
In the beginning of October 2008 we opened changed children's playgrounds together with the ProstoRož society.
Kljukca Kontrastika supports the Slovenian crew at the international dance fair
The Slovenian dancers presenting our country and themselves in Düsseldorf got a logo and a promotional brochure for the occasion.
Kljukca Kontrastika the design sponsor at the Days of Comedy 2008 festival
We are natural partners with the comedians. We both try to bring out the real laughter.
Kljukca Matjaž Tomažič receives the award for the most attractive slovene book of 2007
At the 23rd Slovene Book Fair the ‘Kratka’ book series convinces the jury.
Kljukca Kontrastika twice in the finals of this year’s Slovene Biennale of Visual Communication
The Budič packaging and the Mihurko logo were among the works displayed in the Ljubljana National Gallery.

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