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Kazalo Kazalo

identity & branding

Sign and logotype design
    Štajerski avto dom logo
    Spletična (The Handmaiden) logo
    Papilu Logo
    Pipanka logo
    Ambiente Eficiente logo
    Sigledal logo
    Ana pravca logo
    Out of Limitz Brand
    wFoil Brand
    The Dopinus Brand
    Midori Logo
    Flowr logo
    BelaBela Logotype
    The Slovenia Moves Logo
    Veronika Logo
    The Zidanca Slovenec Logo
    Mihurko Logotype
    Qualis Logo
    Vino 55 Logo
    Fabula Logo
    Terabit Logo
    xPlus Logo

Brand Architecture & Identity Systems
    The System of Logos for Ius-Info, FinD-Info and Ius Software

Corporate identity design
    Corporate identity of Ius Software and its Brands
    Ljubljana Pharmacies Loyalty Card
    Rejc Law Office Stationery
    Mihurko Business Stationery
    Budič Business Card
    Business Card for Tadej Žavcer, Architect

Brand Naming

graphic design

Publication design
    Si.mobil’s Good Idea Pad
    Eve’s Daughters - Book
    Street on the Road - Book
    Pocket Planner of the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana
    Promotional Brochure for Gimnazija Šentvid
    The Name - Readymade Book
    An Organizer for High-School Students
    The Program Guide for the 2008 Series of Concerts
    Šentvid High School Yearbooks
    The Publication on the Occasion of the 55 Anniversary
    Bonrut Book
    Fabula Spring 2005 Catalogue
    BeBe Macro Pocket Calendar

Packaging design
    The Subrina Professional Haircode Packaging
    Subrina Professional - The Hair Color Product Line
    Budič juice packaging
    Petrol Air Fresheners
    A Label for Cviček Wine Zidanca Slovenec
    Gift Packaging for Budič Spirits
    Labels for Budič Spirits
    Packaging Line for Vino 55
    Brane Zorman Vs BeitThronN CD Cover
    Wine Labels for Jamšek Wines

Advertising and promotion
    Subrina Professional 2011 Calendar
    The Subrina Professional 2010 Calendar
    The Kino Sloga Poster
    A Series of Theater Posters
    The Festival Nagib Poster

Signage and design of wayfinding systems

interaction design

Website design and web communication
    Squareknot, Crowdfunding Platform
    Ambiente Eficiente Website
    Sigledal - the Slovenian theater portal
    Moje delo Employment Portal
    Melba website
    Dreamstream website
    Out of Limitz Online Store
    Midori website
    Imos Real Estate Portal
    Budič Spirits Product Website
    Zabec Website
    Denssana Dentists Website
    Big Bang e-Store
    Healthcare Center Kamnik Website
    Veršič - Perčič Law Office Website

User interface design
    Pan-optikon web based application
    Zabec CMS
    Doorson Door Control Panel

Games and multimedia
    The Simobil Interactive Greeting Card

spatial & product design

Public and exhibition space design
    You are Energy event booth
    Holiday Decorations of Simobil Sales Centers
    Apartment Textile Furnishings
    Family house interior graphics
    ProstoRož Childrens Playgrounds in Ljubljana
    The Editorial Office of a Croatian Daily 24 Sata

Product Design
    The Papilu Feng Shui gift bag collection
    New Year 2012 at Si.mobil
    Si.mobil’s iPhone jacket
    The Simobil Gift Line
    CopaCopa Slippers
    Lettercubes - Playground Equipment Design

photography & illustration

    The House of Experiments
    Snapshots Photo Series
    The Denmark Photo Series 1
    The Denmark Photo Series 2
    A Series of Portraits
    The South America Photo Series

    A series of photos and illustrations for the online store
    Dr Dream Character
    Like Water for Chocolate - a Series of Illustrations
    Illustrations for Muri the Cat Poster
    Book Cover Illustrations for the M and D Series

studies & experiments

    Curtains of Memories
    Kitchen Cloths as an Art Project
    Slovene animals - T-Shirts With a Story
    Slovene Animals - T-shirts With a Story 2
    Slovene Animals - T-shirts With a Story 3

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Kontrastika twice in the finals of this year’s Slovene Biennale of Visual Communication
Matjaž Tomažič receives the award for the most attractive slovene book of 2007
Kontrastika the design sponsor at the Days of Comedy 2008 festival
Kontrastika supports the Slovenian crew at the international dance fair
The Ljubljana children's playgrounds project
Mojca attended a forum discussion titled Creativity and Innovation in Trieste, Italy
Creative Cities on-line
Award of Excellence for Mojca at This Years Slovenian Biennale of Visual Communication
Kontrastika Short-listed for the Slovenian Design Competition of the Decade
The Kontrastika Blogs
The Lettercubes Playground Equipment - Our Contribution to the World Book Capital
CopaCopa at the International Biennale of Industrial Design
Si.mobil Presents You are Energy Campaign At the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF and the IBM Forum
Copa Copa now Available at Vespoe, New York
We received two Awards of Excellence at this year's Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication
Mojca and Matjaž at the sixth Pecha Kucha Night in Maribor
Kontrastika sponsoring the Tušmobil TransAtlantik 2012 expedition
Pomagajmo - Our Contribution to Charity
Kontrastika is now 5 years old
Squareknot, a new british crowdfunding platform designed by us

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